G.O.I. ENERGY recognizes the urgency and importance of being environmentally responsible throughout all our business units and future-proofing our environment for the next generation.

Particular interest is also given to G.O.I. ENERGY contribution to the fight against the causes and effects of climate change, especially through the Re-Refinery, the forthcoming Renewable Energy Facilities and Research & Development Units.

G.O.I. ENERGY invests in the prevention and minimization of its environmental impact through the use of all appropriate measures and the best available techniques, practices and technologies for the duration of the entire product cycle, from the manufacturing and utility to the very latest ingestion of products – fuels.

Emissions and Climate

We aim to deliver real measurable results to address the risks of climate change. With a long-standing commitment to investing in environmentally friendlier technology and the ingenuity of our people, G.O.I. ENERGY is well positioned to continue to provide the energy needed to improve lives around the world while addressing the risks of climate change.

Our support for the Paris Agreement

In December 2015, after more than two decades of international efforts, nations met in Paris and drafted an agreement that for the first time signaled that both developed and developing nations will strive to take action on climate change and report on progress.

G.O.I. ENERGY has supported the Paris Agreement since its inception. The Group is evaluating its business strategy and plans based on a range of scenarios, including those that meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, which require progress in technologies, infrastructure and government policies related to climate change.

Environmental Protection

G.O.I. ENERGY’s environmental approach is guided by the way our operations influence the environment. In our host communities we draft tailormade programs to address the pressing environmental protection priorities, including air and water pollution as well as biodiversity issues.