Fostering Resilience

At G.O.I. ENERGY understanding and addressing the interests of communities where we operate is an important component of maintaining a successful and sustainable business.

Our community investments are drafted to support social development and people well-being in our host countries. G.O.I. ENERGY works with key stakeholders, local governments, NGOs and opinion leaders to identify and fund initiatives dedicated on enhancing health, education and infrastructure.

Covid-19 pandemic led us to design a special response program aiming at supporting the local Health Authorities to meet the needs of health care professionals fighting the coronavirus as well as individuals social distancing either at home or at special quarantine facilities.

G.O.I. ENERGY is funding various educational programs across the communities where we operate in collaboration with local Authorities. For us no child should be left behind. This is why we implement special programs aimed at reducing illiteracy and providing optimal education for the next generation. G.O.I. becomes a force for substance, progress and equitable development by creating conditions that strengthen the education of the new generation.