Supporting Local Economy

G.O.I ENERGY activities produce direct and indirect benefits to communities wherever we do business mainly through the support of the local supply chain the development of a globally competitive local workforce.

In addition to contributing directly to the creation of better jobs in the countries where we operate, G.O.I ENERGY is committed to recruiting local people and subcontractors, in compliance with the operational imperatives.

Local suppliers are considered vital to G.O.I ENERGY operations. We create high added value for the host country through procurement, manufacturing and the development of local capacity and skills. At G.O.I ENERGY we assess the regulatory environment; we analyze stakeholder expectations as well as the local economic and industrial capacities. Based on the assessment we are committed to working with local governments, civil society stakeholders and NGOs on ways to mobilize and develop local capacity.

G.O.I. ENERGY’s strategy to develop a diverse and talented workforce focuses on the one hand on the recruitment and lifelong training of local personnel who can play a crucial role in our local business development, and on the other hand on the development of a global pool of talent capable of meeting the future business needs wherever we operate.