People’s Well-being

Being a sustainable energy company also means that you are contributing to the prosperity of people living on our planet. This aspiration primarily applies to our employees, whose skills and commitment are the fundamental factors that drive our performance over the long term.

Our transformation into a leading energy company G.O.I ENERGY has been realigned with a fair transition for our employees and partners. Consequently, we have always aimed to be a best-practice employer and a responsible business operator, and to this end we build on the underlying principles at the heart of our business model and our Code of Conduct, which applies to all our operations around the world, in particular on safety, mutual trust, respect and transparency in our social commitment.

G.O.I. ENERGY complies with the applicable labour legislation (National, European, ILO), including issues related to conditions of work and respect for human rights, and fully complies with the Collective and relevant international labour conventions. The Group employees are free to participate in trade unions and professional associations.

To ensure that our employees achieve a balance between work and family life, we recognise the following benefits that promote a holistic work-life balance:

  • Improve cooperation between employees and reduce friction
  • Increased employee and customer engagement
  • Improved reputation in the marketplace
  • Continued development of a team spirit
  • Adoption of innovative organisational structures

We consider our mission is to support actions in the field of education and knowledge dissemination, with the aim of continuous development and adaptation to new conditions. Through continuing education, our aspiration is for all employees to broaden their perspectives in their area of responsibility and define their role in our common objectives.