Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is essential for the long-term viability of businesses and the economic growth of the societies in which we are operating. We, at G.O.I ENERGY apply a well-structured and appropriate framework of corporate governance, adopting good corporate governance practices, some of which are in addition to those mandated by the applicable laws. It aims to ensure the effective functioning of the Board of Directors and two-way communication with our shareholders and other stakeholders.

G.O.I ENERGY demonstrates zero tolerance to incidents of corruption and aim at conducting its activities in accordance with its principles of healthy competition. Our values and principles define a legal and ethical way of doing business.

We aim to maintain continuous communication with all stakeholders in recording any concerns and needs; and to communicate any information relating to our activities. To this end, G.O.I ENERGY uses all available communication channels.

G.O.I ENERGY promotes an Equal opportunities policy. Both the recruitment and promotion of each employee within the company are based on their qualifications, performance and ambitions, without any discrimination. The employment relationships between staff and the company are based on the principle of equal treatment.